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    Expo 2015

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    You may have the universe if I may have Italy

    Giuseppe Verdi

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    I love the Italian language, that soft bastard Latin, which melts like kisses from a female mouth and sounds as if it should be write on satin, with syllables which breathe of the sweet South.

    George Gordon Byron

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    Yes, Milan is so beautiful my friend and believe me, sometimes I need a very strong will to resist its charms and remain at work.

    Giovanni Verga

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    I love the contrast of Milan. Life today is full of contrasts


  • Scuola Leonardo da Vinci Milan celebrates 10 years anniversary

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    10 Years Anniversary

  • Milan Expo 2015
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  • Scuola Leonardo da Vinci Milan celebrates 10 years anniversary

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Age: 26 - Country: Malaysia - Source: Student Survery

Chye Hock Sun

Studio a milano perché è famosa per la moda e per la cultura. Ho scelto un istituto di moda qua a Milano. La lingua italiana è molto importante per lavorare qui. A scuola tutti gli insegnanti sono simpatici e anche le segretarie sono gentilissime con noi studenti. Ci aiutano molto quando studiamo qui alla scuola Leonardo da Vinci. Ho studiato 5 mesi e ora sto facendo il corso di preparazione per l’accademia di moda. Se avrò tempo tornerò qua per imparare e anche per conoscere gli altri studenti che vengono da tutto il mondo! Ho studiato 5 mesi e ora posso capire molto delle lezioni di moda. Le parole della moda sono importanti. E anche la lingua italiana che si parla all’istituto Marangoni. Devo imparare più lingua italiana. Se potrò tornerò qui a scuola Leonardo.

  • Italian Intensive Course in Milan

    Intensive Course!

    Do you need to learn quickly to be able to survive in a dynamic and young Milan? Choose an Italian language standard course lasting from 1 up to 4 weeks. Read more...

  • Italian Evening Courses in Milan

    Evening Course!

    Italian Language evening courses are designed for those who do not have the time to follow a daytime course due to academic or professional reasons.. Read more...

  • Italian Part-Time Courses in Milan

    Part-Time Course!

    It is addressed to those who study or work during the day and need to learn quickly the basis of Italian language or those willing to enlarge their knowledge and face city-life at their best. Read more...

  • Preparatory Courses in Milan to study Architecture, Design, Fashion or Medicin

    Preparatory Courses!

    Would you like to become a stylist or a designer? would you like to enter medicine faculty in Italy? At Scuola Leonardo da Vinci you will have the possibility of attending preparatory specialized courses. Read more...

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