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Professional Coffee Making programs



OBJECTIVE: this very innovative programme is focused on the techniques for the professional preparation of the real Italian espresso coffee, cappuccino and other coffee based drinks.

DESCRIPTION: training is both theoretical and practical, with special care to the technical and decorative aspects.

RECOMMENDED FOR: coffee lovers, professionals or not, owners or employees of a bar, cafeteria or a coffee shop.

The participation to this course requires the attendance to an Intensive 20 lessons per week Italian language course for a minimum duration of 4 weeks in order to get the necessary vocabulary and language skills to highly benefit from the programme.

A more extensive course is required for those students who have a beginner or elementary level of Italian.


Flair Academy is partner of Scuola Leonardo da Vinci in delivering this course. Flair Academy is a professional school for barmen and coffee making experts. Tutors are all Italian and international experts operating in the beverage sector.

The school is located in Porta Garibaldi (few metro stops from Scuola Leonardo da Vinci) – which is the new fashion and industrial district of Milan – and it is equipped with the latest technologies.