Medium Length Intensive Course

italian language middle lenght coursesDESIGNED FOR: if you wish to deepen your knowledge of Italian and be able to expertly deal with situations not only related to studying, but also to work and everyday life, attend an Italian language course in Milan for a minimum of 5 weeks.

OBJECTIVE: practice Italian in everyday situations at work and at school. You will soon reach an Italian language level that will allow you to easily become part of the lively Milanese scene.

INFORMATION: just as with our Italian language Intensive course, this course consists of 20 lessons per week, 4 daily, from Monday to Friday. Minimum duration is 5 weeks.


Long Term Intensive Course

italian language long term coursesDESIGNED FOR: if you want to become part of Milan’s lifestyle and culture, to be more confident with your Italian and you are ready to experience the multicultural and constantly 
changing nature of this city, an Italian Long Term Intensive course is the right choice for you. The course is perfect for all those starting to study Italian from an elementary level.

OBJECTIVE: You will be able to prepare to enter one of the many Italian universities or to look for a job in a fashion, design or business field.

INFORMATION: as with our Italian language Intensive course, this course consists of 20 lessons per week, 4 daily, from Monday to Friday. Minimum duration is 12 weeks.

Six month course

Italian language semester courses

DESIGNED FOR: would you like to speak Italian fluently and to be able to use it at work or at school? Our six month intensive Italian language course is perfect for you! Specifically aimed at beginners
and students wanting to attend an elementary Italian language course, this program offers the opportunity to perfect your knowledge and reach your desired level.

OBJECTIVE: you will have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge and practice your Italian in a lively, dynamic and entertaining way. You can do this not only at school and during the vibrant Milanese nightlife, but above all by study and working in Milan. In six months, you will be able to write your resume, express yourself easily and to meet other people who are in Milan to work or study, just like you.

INFORMATION: our six-month course is a long term Italian language course and has a minimum duration of 24 weeks. Like our intensive course, it consists of 20 lessons per week.



Sabbatical Year

Italian language sabbatical year

DESIGNED FOR: would you like to attend university, are you looking for a job as stylist or designer, would you like to sing at La Scala or work as an architect but you do not yet speak Italian?
With a sabbatical year in Milan you will be able to learn Italian, attend the school that you wish, or to apply to or find a job in your preferred career path.

OBJECTIVE: you will not only learn the Italian language, but also the Culture of the “Bel Paese”, immersing yourself completely in Milan’s fashion, design, arts and economic scene.

INFORMATION: 48 weeks of Italian intensive language course, 20 lessons per week, 4 daily lessons from Monday to Friday. By choosing one of the long-term Italian language courses you will have the opportunity to study also in our other Leonardo da Vinci Schools located in Florence, Rome or Siena, thus experiencing diverse lifestyles in different Italian cities.



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