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Learn italian in Milan

Our qualified teachers, specialized in the teaching of Italian as a second language, are always learning and researching new teaching theories and methods. Through constant updates and attention to innovation in teaching, we constantly develop our very high quality Italian language courses.

A communicative approach lays at the basis of our method, in which all language abilities (speaking, hearing, reading and writing) are developed comprehensively. Every student will be able to immediately experience the cosmopolitan nature if Milan, communicating IN ITALIAN from the very beginning. All lessons, are in fact held in Italian. This is true also for absolute beginners', from the very first day of their courses.

The teaching materials provided during the course are COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE and they are created by the teachers themselves and by the teaching directors of Scuola Leonardo da Vinci. Our textbook is designed to be interesting and stimulating and to make your study of Italian as pleasant, fun and useful as possible. Music and movies, newspapers and magazines, games and TV programs, but also various multimedia teaching materials will help you to learn Italian with ease.


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