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Preparation for Medicine at University


OBJECTIVE: Every year, thousands of students seek to enrol to the Medicine faculty, but since the available places are limited an entry test is required. The admission test is very selective and specific and a strong preparation is required to pass it.

The course aims at teaching students the scientific vocabulary they will need to successfully pass the examination. Our native Italian teachers are specialised in this field and will also support you and other international students to read and understand the scientific texts you will use during your medicine studies in Milan.

DESCRIPTION: the programme is based on the topics that will be tested by the University, such as logic, general culture, biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics for a total of 140 lessons in 4 weeks. The number of lessons devoted to each topic is set according to its relevance in the admission test.

Exam dates for the entry test could change, depending on the Italian Ministry of Education. Therefore, the dates of the preparation course might change accordingly.

DESIGNED FOR: students seeking admission to the Medicine faculty in Italy.

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4 weeks 357 140 € 1495
Course Facts & Notes
  • Minimum participants: 5
  • The preparatory courses are designed for students who wish to attend Italian Universities.
  • Special conditions of participation.
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