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(free water in a cool bottle)

Welcome to the Scuola Leonardo da Vinci – Milan!

Together with us, you will learn a language that will allow you to be a part of an ancient culture that signed the past.
Together with you, we wish to do something more for everyone’s future!

What we ask of you is a simple gesture: help us on our journey to become a plastic free school!
How much do we spend to buy bottled water and how much do we pollute?
We all know the answer well: too much!
So let’s save some money and help saving the planet as well!

At our school, you will not find plastic water bottles, but a dispenser of fresh filtered water, good and light, natural or sparkling. No cost for you and no plastic!

At our reception desk, you can buy a convenient water bottle that will be a symbol of our common commitment to ecology, environmental sustainability and the future of the planet. We hope that at the end
of your experience in Italy, you will take it home full of good memories and unforgettable moments.