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Scuola Leonardo Milan Plastic free

We have set concrete goals that we want to achieve together with our student community. One is to reduce the use of plastic at our school, until it is completely eliminated.
What we ask of you is a simple gesture: help us on our journey to become a plastic free school!

NO MORE PLASTIC #LdVplasticfree
Italy is a virtuous country when it comes to separating waste, actually one of the first in the world with a percentage of waste recovery close to 80%. Despite this commitment by Italians, plastic recycling is still a complex business as only 43.5% is actually transformed into new objects (source: Greenpeace). For this reason, there is only one solution to save the environment from the devastating impact of plastic: drastically decrease its use. We want to do it.

Let’s start with plastic bottles for water: they are no longer available, with great savings for the environment and for our students. In their place, we have a dispenser of filtered, natural and sparkling water, which you can fill your own bottle up with. The water is free and always available.

All you need is a water bottle. You can buy one at the secretariat for the price of 10 euros, which is how much our students normally spend on buying bottled water in a week. This stainless steel bottle is very lightweight, odourless, resistant and you can take it anywhere. A small piece of Italian design with zero impact, which will allow you to save money and you can take it back home full of positive memories, as a symbol of our shared commitment.

You can refill your bottle both at school but also around Milan, in the many fountains that can be found in the city. You can find loads of these fountains, even near our school, for example at the Oriana Fallaci Garden.


Read all our projects for sustainability: https://www.leonardo-milan.com/scuola-leonardo-for-the-planet