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Drawing & painting

OBJECTIVE: a practical course to learn Italian “by doing”. With the support of a professional Italian painter, students will acquire the secrets of drawing and painting in a real workshop.

DESCRIPTION: Students can attend 12 lessons of drawing and painting in 2 weeks in addition to an Italian language course. The workshop where practical lessons are held is at walking distance from the school and it is a colourful and relaxing place. The programme starts by teaching the basics of drawing and then it gradually introduces the use of colour.

RECOMMENDED FOR: students wishing to learn how to draw or refine their painting skills in a real painting studio and, at the same time, improve their knowledge of Italian.


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1 week 635 6 minimum 2 students € 150
additional week 6 minimum 2 students € 120
Course Facts & Notes
  • Minimum 2 participants; if there should be only one participant, she/he will get 4 lessons instead of 6 lessons in 1 week, 9 lessons instead of 12 lessons in 2 weeks and 18 lessons instead of 24 lessons in 4 weeks.
  • Course starting dates: ask for information