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Milano welcomes its guests with its famous Aperitif. You will feel like a real Milanese if you just sit in a bar along the Navigli to sip a cocktail or enjoy a beer at Colonne di San Lorenzo. The aperitif gives the start to the exciting and unique nightlife in Milan.

In discos or trendy clubs, you won’t find it hard to meet some VIPs, from TV stars to famous football players they all like spending their night time over there. However, those wishing for a quiet night out will probably prefer the “Rocket”, located at walking distance from the school, or the “Blue Note”, in the Isola area, to fulfil their craving for rock or blues. In addition, since 2007, the Arena Civica di Milano has been hosting the Milano Jazzin’ Festival, where internationally renowned musicians successfully perform every year.

Movies lovers will be really happy to know that the city has got more than 30 cinemas, located at every corner. Original language movies can be seen at Spazio Oberdan, Cinema Mexico or Anteo.  For over 20 years, Milan has hosted the annual Milano International Film Festival, dedicated to independent movies. The event takes place in May.

Milanese cuisine includes some of the most delicious food in Italy.  Dishes like risotto alla milanese, cassoeula and cotoletta alla milanese will warm your heart and stomach during the cold winter.