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History of art


OBJECTIVE:  Italy is very well known for its valuable and unique art and it is the perfect setting for international students passionate about art and its history to enjoy a learning experience that combines language acquisition with the study of this discipline.

Besides, Milan is a city where old and contemporary styles have perfectly merged; therefore students will easily see modern buildings next to ancient churches, as well as art installations and galleries that make the city unique and truly charming.

DESCRIPTION: Students can attend 12 lessons in the history of art in 2 weeks in addition to an Italian language course. Lessons will be held by expert teachers with the help of specifically designed teaching materials. The program focuses on the development of art from its origins to the present day, the understanding of the different artistic styles, in addition to teaching the expressions and vocabulary linked to diverse artistic disciplines.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Italian art lovers wishing to experience a unique program leading to a deep comprehension of the events and the artists that made the history of Italian art.


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1 week 511 6 minimum 2 students € 170
2 weeks 12 € 340
Course Facts & Notes
  • The History of Italian Art course consists of a short introduction to the development of art in Italy and guided visits
  • Level recommended: elementary
  • Enrollment is possible only in combination with an Italian language course