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General info

If you are not sure about the best kind of accommodation for you to choose, please contact our staff for an advice and read carefully the following information.



All our apartments are located in Milanese residential areas, i.e. in perfectly safe and easily accessible areas. Some apartments are near the school, others can be easily reached in a 40/45-minutes-journey by bus, metro or tram.



Sharing a room with other students is a suitable option only if you are 30 years old or less, as it requires a lot of flexibility and adaptability. According to the availability and length of your stay, you can also choose to share the room with a friend of yours, even if he or she does not attend our school.

alloggio_famiglia_1DATE AND TIME OF ARRIVAL

Accommodation is usually available from 2pm on the Sunday prior to your course starting date, to 10am on the Saturday immediately following the end of your course. Arrival and departure times must be communicated to the school or to the landlord/landlady. Any changes or a specific request must be submitted in a written form. If the school does not receive the time of your arrival in Milan, the accommodation will be automatically available after 6pm.

On special cases, your arrival date can be anticipated as well as you can postpone your departure date. This must be agreed with the school in advance.


The school will ask you to provide your credit card number only as a guarantee of your booking. Once arrived in Milan, you can pay for your accommodation by cash.


For shared apartments, you will be asked to provide a 100 euro deposit in cash. The deposit will be given back to you upon departure if no damages to the apartment are detected or if extra cleaning is not required.


The apartments are cleaned and bedsheets are changed every two weeks. Kitchen, bathroom and other common spaces must be left tidy and in good conditions so that they can be used by your flatmates. Towels are not provided, so please bring your own.


Landlords must be given a copy of your ID card or passport in order to inform the Italian authorities of every guest they are hosting in their house. Bring a copy of your ID card/Passport with you in order to facilitate this registration procedure.


To park your car in Milan, you can use garages or parking at payment: you are recommended to get a weekly or a monthly ticket to save money. If you wish to park in the street, please check the signals as well as the colour and type of parking lines on the ground: ask the school staff or the landlord/landlady where parking is permitted.