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Learning Method


At the basis of our method is the communicative approach in Italian: the 4 language abilities (speaking, listening, reading and writing) are boosted to ensure the students will be able to experience cosmopolitan Milan from the very beginning.

Teachers are mother tongue and specialised in teaching Italian as a second language. All of them are highly qualified, but in spite of this qualification they are constantly motivated to research and learn new teaching theories and methods to provide students with the most innovative and high quality teaching. The study directors as well as other academics offer constant support and update, while the teacher’s meetings and observations in the class guarantee a continuous improvement in the teaching methods.

Free of charge study material is given to the students. This material has been created by the teachers and the teaching directors of Scuola Leonardo da Vinci. Textbooks are designed to be stimulating and interesting, to make the study of Italian pleasant, fun and useful.  The grammar section is introduced in a logic and organised way, enriched by examples and a large number of practical exercises and short stories as an occasion for both students and teachers to practice dialogues and communicate entirely in Italian.

Music and movies, newspapers and magazines, games and TV programs, but also various multimedia teaching materials will help you to learn Italian with ease.

To ensure the effectiveness of the course, the number of students per class is capped to 14.