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Why Milan

Despite its history is quite ancient and dates back to the Roman times, Milan is the most modern city in Italy. This cosmopolitan city flourished during the Renaissance, whose testimony is still visible, but requires some exploring to discover some of the many gems that the city inherited from its glorious past.

Its charming lifestyle and culture could sometimes fail to be noticed due to the charisma of its design and fashion, which contribute to award the city with the recognition of “Italian economy engine”.¬†Modern design, contemporary art and a buzzing nightlife complete the profile of this beautiful and challenging city.

If you are a football fanatic, you will like Milan very much. AC Milan and Inter are the main teams of the city and despite their rivalry they share the famous San Siro stadium, which is an interesting place where to take a guided tour.

Milan is a very energetic city and it could be very demanding sometimes, but it will reward you with a memorable and unique language study vacation.