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OBJECTIVE: focus of the lessons are the student’s needs in terms of grammar, writing or listening. The aim is a quick and easy acquisition of the language.

DESCRIPTION: the number of lessons, the learning requirements and the schedule are set by the student, who can decide upon these aspects together with the teacher, customising the course on the basis of his/her own needs. Teachers are available to move to the student’s workplace or home in case he/she won’t have time to come to school directly.

RECOMMENDED FOR: students who are looking for a course that is specifically designed on their needs and expectations and flexible in terms of timing and programme.

Course Facts

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One-To-One 411 1 1 € 45 € 80
Two-To-One 431 1 2 € 55 € 120
Three-To-One 451 1 3 € 70 € 160
Course Facts & Notes
  • Minimum duration: 3 lessons per day
  • Minimum enrollment: 1 week
  • Two-to-One-Course and Three-to-One-Course: required that all participants have same level of knowledge of the Italian language
  • Upon request, every private tuition programme can be organized to include lunch with the teacher.
  • Costs for lunch do not include language lessons.
  • These courses can be started on any working day of the year; however, we suggest beginning on Mondays.
  • Private lessons during weekends and the weeks of Christmas and New Year only on request and at special rates