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Leonardo online

“Leonardo online” learning is a new way to keep up with your italian language classes from the comfort of your home. Through exercises, games and activities, with Scuola Leonardo da Vinci Milano “digital school platform” you will discover a new and exciting way to learn Italian.

Why? You will enjoy the benefits of a modern approach for studying languages, providing real-time feedbacks designed to help you learn italian language and culture and encouraging your autonomy.

How? Through Google classroom, the Leonardo online learning is totally free. It is accessible only for Gmail users: the only things you need are a Gmail account and access codes to log in. Write to milan@scuolaleonardo.com or pass by our secretary and ask for “google classroom access codes”.

What? Here’s what you’ll find inside each unit:

  •  maps and “talking” images”
  • vocabulary activities
  • challenging games
  • videos and songs
  • grammar explanations, exercises and quizzes
  • readings and activities about Italian culture and society
  • a selection of useful links related to italian language topic
  • keys for exercises of Leonardo da Vinci “Vivi Italiano” books
  • audios of “Vivi Italiano” books available at any time

Who is it for? All students or ex students of Scuola Leonardo da Vinci Milan!