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History of fashion


The concept of the course is that of an historical journey based on the main developments and trends in fashion through the centuries. Students will be lead by specialised teachers to discover the styles and trends that inspired – and still do – the creativity of the most famous designers, from the past to the current days. The birth of trends and the creative dynamics will be presented by making use of national and international case studies.

This fascinating programme retraces the most important changes that occurred in the design of clothes and accessories between the 18th and 20th centuries in terms of tastes, main players and contexts – together with an analysis of the social and cultural transformations, as well as progress in science/technology, in economics and merchandising.

Course Program:

* Nature and origins of fashion

* Aristocratic Fashion

* The birth and development of high fashion

* Coco Chanel: the birth of ‘Chic’

* High fashion after World War 2

* The birth of prêt-à-porter

* ‘Made in Italy’ fashion

* Armani: ‘postmodern’ fashion

* Gucci and Prada

* Levi’s and the myth of jeans

* The case of Diesel

* Adidas, Nike, Reebok: fashion in sport

* The first youth subcultures

* Mod

* Punk

* The supermarket of styles