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Art lovers won’t be disappointed once in Milan, thanks to the endless list of valuable attractions that can be found in the city, not to mention its historical and famous monuments and galleries.

Just to mention a few: the brand new Museo del ‘900 in the city centre, the Triennale Museum, housing temporary exhibitions, the Design Museum, the so-called PAC – the contemporary art pavilion located right in front of the beautiful public gardens in Porta Venezia  – Fondazioni Prada e Trussardi promoting contemporary culture and arts, Rotonda della Besana, an exhibition complex for architecture, photography, sculpture and avant-garde cultural events and Spazio Forma, located near Scuola Leonardo da Vinci, with its world-renowned photographers exhibitions.

MIC-Interactive Museum of Cinema is an innovative location where visitors can admire historical cinema devices and view the archive’s material in special interactive rooms.  Science museums, parks and gardens, cinemas and theatres complete the list of the Milanese cultural attractions.

Art is also in the streets and can be breathed and experienced in places like the Navigli area, which runs along the canals and where traditions merge with the city night life, between antique shop windows and painting studios,  trendy restaurants and bars. For a better understanding of the city culture and its past, Vicolo dei Lavandai doesn’t have to be missed. It is a very attractive place where you can move back in time with the vision of the washerwomen curved over the clothes while washing them in the water.