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Training Program

OBJECTIVE: to give students an exceptional theoretical and practical teaching expertise, to analyse existing didactic material, to study group dynamics and students’ body language.DESCRIPTION: the ‘Teaching Italian as a second langcorso_formazione_1uage’ basic course is divided into two different modules that can also be attended separately.The first module is designed to prepare students for the DITALS examination, while the second module deals with teachers training, both in theory and in practice, by deepening every aspects of teaching Italian as a second language.The course also includes the analysis of group dynamics, body language and voice management, teaching material evaluation and many other important concepts.  Approximately 10 hours will be spent on practical activities, creating teaching material and on independent or group preparation of activities to be used, analysed and discussed in class. The course is held 3 times a year and every session lasts 2 weeks, with a full time daily attendance, from Monday to Friday.

The course will allow you to rapidly obtain the necessary skills to become a teacher of Italian and to acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to pass the DITALS I and DITALS II examinations.

RECOMMENDED FOR: those who wish to learn how to teach Italian as a second language and aim at taking the first and second level of DITALS examinations.

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Complete Training Course 2 weeks 341 70 € 825
DITALS Preparation 1 week 342 34 € 525
Course Facts & Notes
  • Dates for courses: click to view dates
  • Minimum participants: 5
  • Training Course: 54 lessons of theory and 16 lessons of practical training in class. DITALS preparation: 34 lessons of theory.
  • The Training Courses are part of the «Socrates / Comenius / Grundtvig III» program of the European Community, which awards financial aid.