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DITALS exams


Issued by the University for Foreigners of Siena, the DITALS certificate is an essential tool for all those wishing to become Italian teachers to foreign students. The examination evaluates both the theoretical and practical sides of this educational context.

The certificate is divided into two levels, DITALS I and DITALS II.


DITALS I (first level) demonstrates a basic competence in teaching Italian language to foreigners and it is oriented towards a specific profile of learner. By passing DITALS I, aspiring teachers can automatically take DITALS II, even if some of the necessary requirements are missing. The DITALS I exam can be taken by all Italian and foreign citizens, possessing an high-school diploma and with some basic experience in teaching Italian to foreign students or an equivalent internship.


DITALS II (second level) demonstrates an advanced competence in teaching Italian to foreigners and it is oriented towards any kind of learner. The DITALS II exam can be taken by Italian and foreign citizens holding a university degree in arts and humanities (for Italian citizens) or in Italian Studies (for foreign citizens). Candidates must demonstrate an extensive experience in teaching Italian to foreigners and a sound didactical theoretical knowledge.

If candidates do not possess one or more of the necessary requirements to take the examination, they must pass the DITALS I exam and have at least an appropriate university degree. Candidates are then considered suitable to take the DITALS II exam.

For any further information, please visit the following website: Professional Training Courses